Siding installation

Conshohocken windows,siding and roofing
Conshohocken windows,siding and roofing
Conshohocken windows,siding and roofing
Conshohocken windows,siding and roofing
Conshohocken windows,siding and roofing
Conshohocken windows,siding and roofing

Today one of the most popular materials used for exterior finish of a house in Conshohocken is siding. Its price is affordable, and the quality is high enough. It is characterized by ease of installation and reliable operation.

Before the replacement of the old exterior finish, it is necessary to determine the type of siding material. And only then siding installation begins. All types of siding are installed on a prepared crate.

The crate can be assembled from wooden bars or metal profiles. The second option is more preferable, as it is more reliable and durable. In addition, metal products are much easier to attach to uneven walls.

Profiles are fixed on the wall spaced at intervals of half a meter. For this purpose, special suspensions are used. This allows you to avoid height differences and uneven surfaces, selecting a crate on level.

The cost of a wooden frame will be much lower, but when choosing it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the material:

  • wood should not be in layers;
  • the bar should not have any deformations and must be perfectly flat;
  • there should be no traces of rot or stains on the tree.

In addition, you need to ensure that the material has been processed with an antiseptic to avoid exposure to moisture and microorganisms.

If the walls of the house are wooden, they must also be processed.

Before siding installation, the frame should be prepared. After installing the siding there will be no access to the outer wall of the house, so it must first be cleaned of trash, peeling elements and so on. If there are defects on the wall, then they must be removed by spackling paste. Ideally, the wall should be flat. Also, it is necessary to remove all extra elements, for example, tiles, door linings, bars, drains.

Once all the preparatory work is done, you can begin to install a new siding. The most popular method of siding installation is horizontal. This assumes that the crate will be attached vertically. When installing guides to a wooden house, you need to use nails or self-tapping screws, if the wall is made of concrete or brick - wall dowels. Each rail must be level-aligned.

Siding installation should begin on the less visible side of the house so that there is an opportunity to make changes and correct the initial mistakes. The panel is installed in the lock connection and in the corner profile. Then the panel is attached to the frame. Do not forget to take into the account the setbacks during installation. When working in warm weather the gap should be 5 mm, in cold - 10 mm.

Despite the simplicity of siding installation, contractors will still cope better with this task. We are the best siding supplier in Conshohocken. Contacting us, you get the perfect finish of your house.